Hi everyone! As finals season comes to a close, I hope you’re all doing well and taking care of yourselves. Also, happy holidays! It’s been a crazy year and hardly feels like winter here in Texas, but I’m excited to see what the holiday season brings.


In this week’s blog post, I’ll be covering ways to stay productive and active over winter break. Keeping busy during school breaks is a good way to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed when school resumes in the new year, but it also serves as an opportunity to learn something new, develop a new skill, or engage in a new hobby.


Some examples of things to take up during winter break are an online course about a subject of interest to you or to develop proficiency in a skill that you find fun or useful. This could also be a great time to work on learning a new language or read a book! These options are all very flexible and do not require much time, so they are an easy way to continue learning even when school is out for a few weeks.


Some more time-intensive ways to stay active during holiday break include finding a new hobby, finding a seasonal job, or starting a seasonal small business. Without the stress and pressure of school and extracurriculars, you’d be surprised by what you can come up with! Keep an open mind and find something that challenges, interests, and benefits you.


Overall, finding ways to stay active and continue learning, even when school is out, can have major benefits for you in the long-term. You may be able to develop a whole new skill, give a presentation on a topic you knew nothing about, or even have some extra spending money by the time you return to school! Of course, winter break should also be a time of rest, but it doesn’t hurt to use your temporary free time to work towards your goals, even in small ways!

Hi everyone!!

You may be wondering what happened to my weekly blog post for last Friday. Admittedly, I was finishing up finals for the quarter and the post slipped my mind (nobody’s perfect!).  BUT, I have something to make it up to you guys!

As my final project for one of my courses this quarter, I decided to write a blog post with the intention of posting it here on tips tricks & tea. As the quarter progressed, I came up with the idea of submitting it to another blog as a guest post to try to gain more traction for my own website. Guess what — the FIRST site I sent it to accepted it!

The blog post was written as the final project for a course called “Volunteerism and the Ethics of Help.” I learned SO much in this course but was able to condense it into this blog post for a more general audience. This method of summarizing the highlights of the course really demonstrated just how much I had learned and I am so excited to share it with you. 

You can find the post here: https://www.teenlife.com/blogs/volunteering-right-way 

I hope you guys like it!