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This website was born out of my desire to share my knowledge and experiences with the world around me. From blog posts about a variety of interesting and applicable topics to a full online course, my website offers something for everyone! 


About Kimberly Jimenez, Creator of tips tricks & tea

Northwestern University Class of 2021


Hi there, my name is Kimberly! I was born and raised in Houston, Texas but am currently completing my third and final year of undergraduate study at Northwestern University, where I am double majoring in Economics and Global Health Studies. I have also been admitted to my top choice graduate program to obtain my Master of Public Health through Northwestern’s Accelerated Public Health Program. In my free time, I enjoy baking, cooking, exercising, doing yoga, and volunteering. My interests include children’s issues, public health, nutrition, and French bulldogs.


Why Should You Listen to Me?

I was offered admission to 15 four-year universities. When I was applying for college, I had no idea what I wanted in a school. As a result, I applied to many different types of schools. I was accepted into Ivy League schools, large public state schools, small liberal arts colleges, and many others. 

As a current college student, I’m much closer to the college application experience than an older professional. The strategies and advice I provide are actual mechanisms I used when applying for colleges just three years ago. I can also relate to the challenges today’s high schoolers face, especially as I continue to face many of the same obstacles as a college student.

I’ve excelled by using organization skills in my life for as long as I can remember. Staying organized has benefitted me throughout my education and allowed me to get into my dream schools, graduate from undergrad with TWO majors a full year ahead of schedule, and get into my dream graduate school program. I’ve found that being informed and having a detailed plan can make any endeavor more efficient and less stressful.

I have years of experience working with students of all ages in an educational setting. I’ve previously worked as a high school entrance exam tutor, a math tutor for all grade levels, and with several one-on-one college counseling clients. In high school, I also volunteered free tutoring to my peers and to underclassmen through the National Honor Societies I participated in.