Now that you know how to find and pursue the opportunities, experiences, and skills that will make your resume stand out, it’s time to get organized and decide how to display them on your resume.


One of my biggest pieces of advice is to keep a journal, planner, or even just a file on your computer where you keep track of all of your activities, including your individual tasks and any major dates associated with them. It can be so difficult to remember exactly what you did and when in retrospect, so keeping notes on your progress will help you TREMENDOUSLY long-term. The more detailed you can be when describing your experiences, the better!


Another step in this phase of the resume building process is choosing a resume template. Different industries have different standards, so if you already have an industry in mind be sure to research what a typical resume within the industry looks like and what is important to include. If you’re still in high school or don’t have a specific industry in mind, there are plenty of general templates to choose from. I’d suggest sticking to something simple, organized, and visually appealing – stay away from super colorful or crowded templates. Templates will often have the sections of the resume already named and set up, but you can change and move them to best fit your information. The sections on my resume, which I’d recommend including in yours (in some format) are: General Information (Contact info, school year/major/GPA), Relevant Experience (any work/volunteer experience relevant to what you are applying for), Leadership Experience (which you can use to highlight your extracurriculars), and Skills & Interests (mention any other activities/interests, skills you have that contribute to your qualifications). There are tons of ways to organize your resume – these are just my recommendations based on my experience and what I have learned from others! Above all, ensure the template and sections you choose make sense given your experiences and are easy to look at and to read. Good luck!


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