Happy (late) Thanksgiving everyone! This week’s addition to the Building a Successful Resume series will go over some tips & tricks on how to actually write out your resume content to strengthen your overall resume.


First, you want to be sure to use strong action verbs when describing your experience and contributions. I always start each bullet-point description with a different action verb; some examples that I use in my own resume include “managed”, “created”, “spearheaded”, “represented”, and “collaborated”, among many others.


You also want to be sure to check for consistency in tense, formatting, and punctuation throughout your resume. I choose to write my entire resume in past tense, even when describing positions that I am currently working in, to maintain consistency. I also choose to not include any end punctuation – my bullet-points are not technically full sentences because they start with action verbs and do not explicitly include a subject (me). Ensure all spacing, bolding, italicizing, font style, and font size are consistent and visually appealing throughout.


Finally, be sure to ask someone to read over your resume for you and give you feedback, while it is still fresh in your mind. A different set of eyes will be more likely to catch any mistakes, inconsistencies, or confusing wording. Of course, you’ll want to get feedback from several people before sending your resume out to your #1 school or desired employer, but getting that initial feedback is essential to ensuring consistency and quality!

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