While they may seem outdated, “Thank You” notes are still a very important part of academic, professional, and social culture today. In this post, I’ll be covering reasons to give a “Thank You” note, methods to deliver your message, and things to be sure to include in your note for several different scenarios. I’ll also include a more general template below. Being thankful doesn’t have to be scary or a secret, let people know that you are thankful for what they do for you!


Reasons to give a “Thank You” note:

  • You met with someone to learn more about their college/work and get advice
  • You attend a college/grad school/company info session
  • You received a letter of recommendation from someone
  • You had a college/job interview with someone
  • Your teacher/professor agrees to be a supervisor for your research project
  • You received a gift from someone

Ways to deliver your message:

  • Email
    • Most universally applicable
    • Can find email address on business card
  • Handwritten letter (mailed or hand-delivered)
    • Great option if you have a personal relationship or live in close proximity to them/their work

What to include in your message:

  • What the person did for you
  • How their help contributes to your academic plans/future/success
  • If there’s an outcome associated with their help: (you get accepted to a school/program/club), be sure to let them know!


  • Email: within 48 hours of the meeting/agreement/submission/etc.
  • Hand-delivered: drop off within a week
  • Mail: send out within 48 hours



A sample “Thank You” note could look like this:


Dear ________,


Thank you so much for meeting with me last week to discuss your role at _________. I really enjoyed learning about ______. I am looking forward to being considered for ______ and appreciate your help throughout this process. I hope to stay in touch and ________!


Thank you,




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