Hi everyone!

I hope the new year/semester/quarter is going well for all of you. I’ve been super busy getting adjusted to new courses, a TA position, and continuing with my internship, so I’ve decided to change how this blog works. Instead of me coming up with the topics for each post and posting on a weekly basis, I will be posting on an as-needed basis — if there’s a general topic or question that you’d like me to address, send it to tipstricksandtea@gmail.com and mention that you’d like to see a blog post about it, and I’ll write about it (or refer you to an existing post if I’ve already covered it)! This way, I’ll cover the topics YOU, my audience, really want to learn about and save us all some time and energy. Life is all about making changes as you learn and as you grow, so this is one of many that I’m sure are to come.

Have a great weekend & stay safe!

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