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Now that we’re all back to school from winter break, it’s time to get organized again. One tool I’ve found myself using a TON, especially in college, is the Calendar app on my phone and computer. Between classes, extracurriculars, jobs, family responsibilities, and everything else life is throwing at us nowadays, students are BUSY! Using a virtual calendar is an easy way to manage your time and make sure you don’t miss anything important.


I’d recommend setting up your calendar at the beginning of a new semester/quarter, but it’s never too late! First, choose the calendar platform you’d like to use. Most devices have Calendar apps built in, but there are also others available for use online or as downloadable apps. Choose one that you’d like to do and stick to it!


Next, you have to enter all of your commitments into your calendar. When I make my calendars, I do it by “type” of commitment. First, I’ll enter all my classes, then my work meetings, then extracurriculars. Of course, you can add new time commitments as they arise. In fact, meeting invitations often come with ways to automatically add them to your calendar! Be sure you get the time and date of your activities right in your calendar and use the daily/weekly/monthly scheduling functions when applicable to ensure there aren’t any mix-ups.


Finally, keep up with your calendar! I check my calendar often throughout the day to check how much time I have before a meeting or plan out what I’ll accomplish and when. Add new meetings or activities as soon as you find out about them to ensure you don’t forget or create scheduling conflicts. Overall, while a good calendar takes some work upfront, it can really simplify your life and boost your time management!

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