This week’s blog post is going to be about the importance and benefits of using a planner. I’ve used a planner consistently since I was in elementary school to keep myself organized and on top of my responsibilities, from schoolwork to extracurriculars to even personal tasks. Over the years I’ve shared this strategy with my siblings and my peers, and now it’s your turn!


One of the most important factors into using a planner is actually purchasing one that you like and will want to use. My middle school and high school provided students with school-branded planners, so I always used those, but once I got to college I had to find and choose one for myself. You can find the planner I currently use herebut you can find all sorts of sizes and designs on the internet or in stores that sell school/office supplies. Be sure to choose a planner design that you like and that suits your needs! If you don’t enjoy looking at it, you’ll be much less likely to actually use it.


The second key to transitioning to using a planner is deciding on an organization system that will work best for you. My strategy has always been writing down assignments as soon as I find out about them. Most planners are broken down on a weekly basis with sections for each day of the week. If an assignment is due on Wednesday, I will write the assignment down under Tuesday. As a result, on any given day I can go through the assignments I have due the next day and cross them off as I complete them. For larger assignments, I often put reminders on the days leading up to the due date to encourage myself to work ahead if possible. There are many ways to organize your planner, so choose a strategy that works best for you and your workload!


Finally, be sure to take advantage of the other tools that planners may have to offer. Many, including  the planner I use, have pages dedicated to each month. I use these pages to keep track of major responsibilities such as midterms or project due dates. Planners also usually have a spot to keep track of contacts, goals for the year, and other information that can be very useful to have written down! Above all, be sure to have your name and phone number or email address written in your planner in case you lose it. I know I’d be lost without my planner, so be sure to keep track of it and store it in a safe place!


Overall, using a planner will help you stay on top of your assignments and responsibilities in an organized and manageable way. While it may take some getting used to at first, you’ll quickly catch on and learn to love the process!



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